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Thanks to your support, we’re featured on international media for our efforts in education!

It wouldn’t be possible without you… 这都是因为有您的支持…

We were extremely frustrated with the situation of our Malaysian education industry. And you made it all possible for us! Thank you Vulcan Post for the interview! Let’s make learning become “wah, so easy!” together! 💪🏻

一切的开始都是因为我们团队对现有的马来西亚教育状况不满意。好的教材和老师都没机会发展,才会创办 WahEasy!而您,就是我们努力的推动力! 🎉 谢谢 Vulcan Post 媒体的专访!希望我们团队的努力可以让更多老师加入,提供更好的教材和服务帮助学生们学习!

You can read the full article here 点击阅读全文: https://vulcanpost.com/688792/waheasy-malaysia-online-learning-platform/

February 18, 2020

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