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Join thousands of Malaysian students in improving your essay writing, karangan, and 华文作文 today!



Do you still remember our MASSIVE success for primary school students earlier this year?

【全马首创UPSR 作文作业计划】Introducing Malaysia’s first UPSR Essay/Karangan Practice Course

‼️‼️【全马首创UPSR 作文作业计划】‼️‼️ “💁孩子们作文不好,又缺乏练习? WahEasy.com 目前推出全马首创可以让学生练习写作文的计划“! 【Introducing Malaysia’s first UPSR Essay/Karangan Practice Course】Struggling with essay and karangan writing? Practise & learn how to score in UPSR with our latest course! 📖 很多家长发现孩子没办法通过传统参考作文书好好地练习写作文,karangan或 essay ,原因是因为没有老师的批改,孩子们有时也不知如何下笔📝。没有老师的提点,学生也无法进行纠正🙇‍♀,更不知如何正确分析问题🤷🏻‍♀或想出要点等主要问题🤦‍♀。 再者,由于改作文时间长,补习老师不常给作文作业,况且孩子程度不一,有者需要做更多的练习。如今市场上的匮乏使得很多学生没法频繁地练习写作文,因此我们推出全马第一☝🏻,史无前例的作文作业计划!📖 Many realise it is hard to practise essay writing with normal exercises from reference books today. Without guidance from teachers, students find it hard to improve their essay-writing skills i.e. breaking down main points of the question, understanding complex grammatical concepts etc.What’s more, tuition teachers do not give essay homework often because essay marking is time-consuming. As a result, most UPSR students do not receive sufficient essay practice and reinforcement. ➡️➡️➡️Click to learn more ➡️➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/waheasy-essay ✅✅✅配套包括 Course package includes✅✅✅ 📌批改35篇作文 35 Essay marking service(BM karangan, English essay, or 华语作文.,总计35个题目) 📌 语法错误纠正 Grammar 📌 分析问题主要构造 Question analysis & scoring scheme📌 标准答案参考 Standard UPSR answer template as reference📌 写作建议如何把作文写得更好 Recommendations on how to write better essays📌练习建议 Further practice recommendations✅ 还有,我们提倡💯% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED保证。如果觉得我们老师团批改不好或练习后您觉得完全没帮到您的孩子,可发邮件到 refund@waheasy.com 告诉我们为什么无效,我们将费用全数退还 FULL REFUND. ✅ Last but not least,WahEasy has a💯% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for this programme. If you don’t like what you receive from our teachers, just drop us an email at refund@waheasy.com and let us know why. We’ll process a FULL NETT REFUND back to your bank account of choice.🤔 您还在等什么呢?💁赶快来体验吧!如有询问,可以💌PM我们或点击链接了解更多: 🤔 So what are you waiting for?💁 Grab this offer while it lasts!If you have any queries, feel free to PM 💌us or click the following to learn more: ➡️➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/waheasy-essay ➡️➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/waheasy-essay ➡️➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/waheasy-essay

Posted by Wah Easy on Thursday, 23 May 2019

Since then, many have been asking us to launch this package for secondary students too.

Finally we managed to assemble a team of TOP TEACHERS including PT3 and SPM Markers for this secondary team. And we proudly present to you:

Malaysia’s 1st Online Secondary Karangan/Essay Practice Course



FLEXIBLE PACKAGE: For example, you could send in 2 English essays, 6 Chinese 作文, and 4 Karangan for our panel of teachers to mark. As long as they all add up to the limit (12) in total.


Feedback from parents claim that this package is a lot better than revision books, since it TRULY allows students to practise the often-neglected essay writing sections.

Our teachers also will provide TIPS TO SCORE comments on your homework! Most students LOVE these tips!

Since the essays will be marked and commented by a team of experienced tutors including SPM markers, rest assured they are learning from an experienced teacher.

Package includes 配套包括 Pakej termasuklah:

  • ✅ Marking and commenting of 12 titles
  • ✅Comments on Grammar 语法错误纠正 (Tatabahasa)
  • ✅Analyse & break down questions on how to score in exams 分析问题主要构造 (Analisis soalan untuk skor dalam peperiksaan)
  • ✅Recommendations on how to write better essays 写作建议如何写得更好 (Cadangan untuk bertambah baik)
  • ✅Practice recommendations 练习建议 (Cadangan latihan)
  • ✅ Sample Essays 范文 (Contoh karangan)
marked examples secondary

Practice makes perfect. So STOP wasting money in buying revision books to practise essay questions already! Original price RM350. But if you sign-up today it is only RM100!

练习教学可以帮助孩子更加快速地学习,尤其是作文题目。平时原价RM 350 的配套今天优惠价只需RM100‼

Feedback from parents claim that this package is a lot better than revision books, since it TRULY allows students to practise the often-neglected essay writing sections.
Our students are able to learn from mistakes, improve grammar & sentence structuring etc from comments from teachers and their help in explaining hard concepts.

我们老师批改不会只是打个分马虎了事。他们会给意见,改正孩子的错误,加以解释等等。因此家长目前对我们评价很好,因为普通参考书根本练习不了作文/karangan/essay等。 由于是TOP TEACHERS 老师 批改,学生们可以从教师的评论中学习错误,改进语法和句子结构等,并帮助他们解释难题。

Some more samples:-




Satisfaction guaranteed

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If for any reason, you think this course doesn’t help the student improve, email us at [email protected] and we’ll make a FULL REFUND to your bank account!

还有,我们提倡100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED保证。如果觉得我们老师团批改不好或练习后您觉得完全没帮到您的孩子,只需发邮件到 [email protected] 告诉我们为什么无效,我们将费用全数退还 FULL REFUND.


✅ We have a list of high quality essay, karangan and 作文 questions. And the student can choose to attempt 12 from those questions.  

✅ Then after finishing, just snap a photo and send the file to our email.

✅After that, do allow us 4~7 working days to mark your homework and reply you with comments/corrections/feedback. It’s just that simple!


Like all our courses, we do not have any hard validity, but we encourage students to finish using the package within a year. Practice makes perfect, right? 我们是没有限定必须在多少天内用完配套。就根据你自己的进展做。当然我们会提议你在一年里用完它比较好。毕竟熟能生巧,多练习总是比较好的。😊


Rate will be adjusted after this week. Secure it now or Message us on Facebook for any inquiries today!

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