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FREE for teachers

Would you like to

accept hassle-free credit/debit card auto monthly payments from parents?

avoid paying for expensive Shopify/Wix packages & improve your margins $$?

minimise time spent in handling boring PMs, and reminding payments?

while maintaining what you’re currently doing with your online classes.

NO need to change what you’re currently doing at all.

You can continue promoting the way it is, running the class as it is,

while you let waheasy handle the payment & boring operations for



*Terms & conditions apply. Talk to us today.

Let us make things EASIER for YOU!

– Ang Kevin, Co-Founder WahEasy.com.


WahEasy.com is a platform that connects top teachers to students nationwide, allowing educators to create content and services that are *1000x better than revision books*. 

Think, “Shopee for online learning”. Our office is in George Town, Penang. Do drop by and say Hi! (After this pandemic, of course!)




Our founding team is looking to help more educators make MORE income, while giving students nationwide access to better study materials, online classes, that were traditionally monopolised by the big boys in the industry.

WahEasy is an online education start-up that strives to HELP both teachers and students.


If you are tired of maintaining your own website,

Tired of rushing payments,

Want free marketing to a bigger audience,

Leave us your contact! Let’s schedule a call and chat directly!


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Benefits for you:

✅ ZERO 0% Fee & profit-share for waheasy.com for at least 6 months!

✅ Still handle your own customers PMs if you want to. Or leave it to our customer service team

✅ Continue using your own website & pages. Or build a landing page on our website and leverage on our design team.

✅ Waste time reminding customers to pay every monthly? Or use our auto-debit subscription feature.

✅ Continue paying high % payment gateway fees (and credit card processing fees) or let us process your payments (100% LOWER RATE GUARANTEE)* Just show us proof of your credit card processing fee, we’ll match that and go 0.5% lower!


Join many other success stories!

“批改服务可以帮助孩子学作文。从去年开始我们几个老师一起组群把这服务放在 waheasy平台上,目前每月都有不错的可观收入…” – Ms CL.
“因为疫情,我把学生们转线上以后,也在Kevin的介绍下把服务放到waheasy.com上,帮助额外的收入。不错!”⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 郑老师
“我的“零功课”专属配套上传一次全部影片就可以长期每月收益了。同时,也帮助了不少让外地(连东马)的学生好让他们在马来文方面取得进步!“- Cikgu Lee Choo Hock, 中学SPM马来文补习天王.

CONTINUE paying high % payment gateway fees (& credit card processing fees)

OR use WahEasy!


Just show us proof of your credit card processing fee by current gateway, we’ll match that and go 0.5% lower!


1. How do you transfer my money to me?

If it is a monthly auto-debit fee, we’ll make a transfer to your current or savings account in 1 business day after billing date. (Means we do not hold your funds deliberately.)

2. Can I know who my students are?

Yes. You can request for the list of raw data students or parents used to sign-up i.e. name, email, etc when you need it.

3. Who owns the Intellectual Property of my product/service/class?

Intellectual property of your individual product only still belongs entirely to you.

If at any point of time that you wish to take down your product from our platform, just inform us by email officially and it will be removed within 48 business hours.

*Do note that intellectual property of our platform technology, systems & softwares developed, and comprehensive data as a result of direct and indirect students’ usage statistics and analytics from your product still belongs entirely 100% to WahEasy.com. Learn more at our Terms (Instructor) page.

COVID-19 has now provided you with a great opportunity to explore online education.

Don’t be bogged down by all the mundane tasks.

Let us help you GROW! *This zero fee offer + 100% lowest rate guarantee is only available for tutor sign-ups before the deadline.


Fill up the form below and let’s chat!

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So, what’s in it for us?

You must be wondering: it sounds too good to be true, right?

Don’t we need to make money as a business?

Truth is we’re hungry for data.


Specifically for large amounts of data that can help students improve faster and determine potential career paths from their interests and strengths.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry about us being competitors to you. We’re not.

We just want to be the bridge that connects top tutors to students nationwide.

And we’re not in a hurry to make money. We are just here to help!=)

*Terms & conditions apply.

Learn more ‘about us’ here.

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