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UPSR Kertas Dua Bahagian B/ English Paper Two Section B / 华语试卷二乙组 Practice Course PROMO 2020 (x25) Best suited for: …


[UPSR] Kertas Dua Bahagian B/ English Paper Two Section B / 华语试卷二乙组 Practice Course PROMO 2020 (x25)

Best suited for:
  • Standard 4 四年级 Tahun Empat
  • Standard 5 五年级 Tahun Lima
  • Standard 6 六年级 Tahun Enam
Malaysian students. This practice module contains free questions in Section B (for BM, BC, and BI) for you to practise. Most suited for Year 5-6 students who are preparing for UPSR examinations. 适合五年级和六年级的学生。

Homework will be marked by very experienced marker team that consists of multiple UPSR markers / former UPSR markers:


Now at only RM89 per package!

Marking and commenting of 25 titles/questions (For example, you could send in 5 English answers, 10 Chinese, and 10 BM. As long as they all add up to the limit (25) in total.)  

Package includes marking & guidance involving multiple scoring criteria for UPSR level Section B:

  • Understand the requirements of question /Memahami soalan dengan tepat / 了解题目要求
  • Maximising information provided from questions / Menggunakan konsep untuk skor / 如何运用题目所给的资料
  • Increase your scoring by successful usage of penanda wacana / Penggunaan penanda wacana dengan betul / 如何运用Penanda Wacana 加分
  • How to connect ideas in writing / Isi tersirat / 如何联想
  • How to use connectives correctly / Kata Hubung / 如何运用kata hubung 把句子连接起来
  • Grammar / Tatabahasa / 语法错误纠正
  • Vocabulary / Kosa kata / 词汇
  • Sentence structure / struktur ayat / 纠正句子排列
  • Spelling / Ejaan / 拼字
  • Recommendations on how to write better/ Cadangan untuk bertambah baik / 写作建议如何写得更好
  • Practice recommendations/ Cadangan latihan / 练习建议


  • 了解图表内的意示。
  • 如何选择内容。
  • 写出原因和解释所选择的内容。
  • 如何加分。
  • 如何写精彩的作文开头。
  • 如何解决所面对的问题
  • 如何让句子更顺畅。
  • 标点符号。
  • 纠正错字等。


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