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UPSR Karangan/作文/Essay Writing Course PROMO 2020 (x35) Most suited for all primary school level students. 适合小学生。 PM us on Facebook …


[UPSR] Karangan/作文/Essay Writing Course PROMO 2020 (x35)

Most suited for all primary school level students. 适合小学生。

PM us on Facebook or email us to learn more today!您的孩子是否作文不好,又缺乏练习?
全马首创让学生练习写作文, karangan, 和 essay 的计划。

很多家长发现现代学生是没办法通过传统参考书好好地练习写作文,karangan, essay 的。原因是因为没有老师帮忙他们批改。而少了老师的指出提点,学生无法进行纠正,也不知如何正确分析问题,想出要点等主要问题。这些都是现在市面上所有参考书无法有效地帮助您的孩子进步的原因。
这导致大多数学生常常在语文科的作文, karangan, 和 essay 方面相对比较弱。
🔥The SECRET to score well in Essays/Karangan/作文🔥 is simply to read & practise more.  “I always thought my son’s karangan was good enough. Until I bought this practice package for him.  Practice makes perfect. However, you will need guidance from a teacher when it comes to essay-writing. If not, you might be repeating the same mistakes without realising it. A good teacher will point out your errors, give you recommendations and further explanation, helping you understand certain concepts better.  If you want to improve, sign-up for this Essay Practice Course promo while it lasts (ending soon).  Practice-essay-writing-karangan-course📷
目前只需 RM149 一个配套!
SALE Only RM149 per package!
批改35个作文(无论是 BM karangan, English essay, 或华语作文,总计35个题目)
Package includes:
Marking & correcting 35 essays in total (regardless of language BM, English or Chinese).
练习教学可以帮助孩子更加快速地学习,尤其是作文题目。平时原价RM 280 的35作文配套今天优惠价只需RM149‼也就是说平均一个作文才花费~ RM4!
还有,我们提倡100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED保证。如果觉得我们老师团批改不好或练习后您觉得完全没帮到您的孩子,只需发邮件到 [email protected] 告诉我们为什么无效,我们将费用全数退还 FULL REFUND.
What's more? We have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for this course. If you think that our panel of teachers' comments do not help you at all, just email us at [email protected] and tell us why it didn't work, and we shall process a FULL REFUND to you.
What are you waiting for? Grab this offer while it lasts today!
*如有疑问,可以在面子书PM我们或发邮件到 [email protected] ,我们团队会尽量协助。



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