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PT3 & SPM level Score A Karangan/作文/Essay Writing Practice Course Best suited for: All secondary Malaysian students from Form 1-5 …


[PT3 & SPM level] Score A Karangan/作文/Essay Writing Practice Course

Best suited for:
  • All secondary Malaysian students from Form 1-5
Current special promotion at RM149 for 12 karangan/essays/作文, language of your choice. For example, you could send in 3 English essays, 4 Chinese 作文, and 5 Karangan for our panel of teachers to mark. As long as they all add up to the limit (12) in total.

Now at only RM149 per package!

Full questions, marking and commenting services included. Practice-essay-writing-karangan-course-pt3-spm

Package includes marking & guidance of scoring criteria for secondary level students:

  • Grammar / Tatabahasa / 语法错误纠正
  • Vocabulary / Kosa kata / 词汇
  • Provide explanation & guidance on essay structure / Memberi penjelasan & bimbingan mengenai struktur karangan/ 提供作文法:
  • Spelling / Ejaan / 拼字
  • Recommendations on how to write better/ Cadangan untuk bertambah baik / 写作建议如何写得更好
  • Practice recommendations/ Cadangan latihan / 练习建议


  • 让学生练习写各种格式。
  • 如何应用题目所提供的内容。
  • 了解提供的资料所要表达的内容。
  • 纠正错字等。

Have a question? Contact us at Facebook and/or by sending an email to [email protected] !

marked examples secondary


  1. We have a big list of more than 90 essay, karangan and 作文 questions.
  2. The student can choose to attempt 12 from those questions, by writing on a piece of paper.
  3. After they're finished, just snap a photo and send the photo to our email.
  4. After that, do allow us 4~7 working days to mark your homework and reply you with comments/corrections/feedback. It's just that simple!


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Course Currilcum

  • 作文题目 SPM Details 00:00:00
  • Essay Writing Questions SPM Details 00:00:00
  • Soalan Karangan SPM Details 00:00:00
  • 作文题目 PT3 Details 00:00:00
  • Essay Writing Questions PT3 Details 00:00:00
  • Soalan Karangan PT3 Details 00:00:00

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