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WahEasy.com is here to help!

Nov 28,20

Hi there! WahEasy.com is coming soon! We’re here to help students learn more effectively through online revision ‘mini-courses’. Learn more …

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Featured on The Edge Malaysia Aug17-23 Issue!

Aug 20,20

Our team is really excited to share with The Edge Malaysia how we use data to help kids learn better …

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Excited to be acknowledged by MDEC’s #DigitalvsCovid 2020 campaign

Jul 21,20

At WahEasy.com, we always strive to provide as much value to students and parents by breaking down barriers to get …

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We’re pleased to be chosen as Top 40 in Alibaba Business School’s GET Global Challenge 2020 (Malaysia)

Jun 12,20

Our team is pleased to be chosen as one of the Top 40 teams in Alibaba Business School’s GET Global …

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We’re featured on ChinaPress! WahEasy.com上中国报!

May 9,20

”教育界突然转型,很多家长只是以为把课转线上,使用zoom这样的软件教课而已。其实不是的! ⭐️利用线上的各种技术其实是可以创造出各种创新的课程……“ – 中国报, 6/5/2020. 谢谢中国报的报道! Thanks for the feature! 文章里我们的创办人分享《疫情当前,家长们和教育工作者如何适应突如其来的线上转型?》. Kevin分享了他的看法。觉得学生家长们不应该盲目跟风,只是寻找LIVE classes 直播类的补习班。而也可以探讨视频教学得到好处,和各种特殊的教学模式。可能会更有收获。 ✅别盲目跟风,选择线上课程必须先了解孩子的需求 ✅家长到底该扮演什么角色? ✅线上教育打开了各种可能,各种模式 ✅不要只是专注学校学业 ⬇️⬇️阅读中国报文章 ⬇️⬇️ …

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Introducing CLASSES feature

Mar 15,20

CLASSES is a subscription service for students. Tutors can create a ‘CLASS’ that promises certain monthly content or service, and …

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