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About Us

Learning from top tutors becomes 'wah, so easy!'

As parents and students ourselves, we are shocked to see our expenditure on revision books and tuition classes every year.

Why do they cost so much anyway?

We learned that the tutors and writers actually make very little, while the majority of great teachers miss out on the opportunity to make additional income entirely.

With low pay & a lack of profit-sharing scheme, no wonder all revision books and classes feel the same these days - boring & no conducive to learning.


We're here to help students & teachers.

Free revision materials.

Cheaper & more innovative revision materials.

Understand your strengths & weaknesses better.

Have a better idea on potential career pathways.

A platform for teachers to earn more income.

Encourage creative teaching concepts & materials.

No need to have technical knowledge to teach online.

No need to be bogged down by administrative tasks while growing online education business.


Ready to get started?

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